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A Screen-Free Road Trip

Yes, that’s right; it’s possible! And rewarding for all. There is so much to see and learn as we drive across the country.  At our house, we feel it’s our responsibility as parents to make sure our children know the land and the distance we travel to visit family and friends.  Some trips are non-stop four-hour drives; some are longer multi-day drives with some days being a full ten hours on the road. It takes some planning and there can be some stressful moments (just take a breath!).  For us, it’s all worth it and now, after years of road trips with our kids, they understand the expectation for a family trip is that we travel TOGETHER.  Here are some tips for your next road trip with a young child:

  • Fill a container with your child’s favorite small toys, each wrapped in wrapping paper, and hand them out occasionally throughout the trip.
  • Give your toddler a pack of post-it-notes and don’t interrupt what happens next. 🙂
  • Download audio books from or get books/stories on CD from your local library.
  • Let your child help whenever possible.
  • Play the ‘color game’.  Instead of looking for license plates, ask your child to find a ‘red truck’, or a ‘blue car’.
  • Play I spy.  “I spy with my little eye an animal that says, moo.”

Have fun and enjoy your road trip!

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