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  1. Sandarenu Kumarasamy

    Dear Sarah,

    In a Mother’s blog post, I came across the recommendation for your book “In a Montessori Home” and the DVD “Edison’s day”.

    Since I am a mother of a boy, who just turned 20 months and is decided to create a Montessori home environment for my son, I’d be very pleased, if there is an opportunity to get my hands around them.

    Since I live in Germany and will need the material for one time private use, I am wondering whether, you have a PDF version of the book and a link to the movie you could share, kindly against a price which I could forward to you via Paypal?

    I’d be elated if you are happy to help.
    With greetings from this part of the world!

    1. admin Post author

      I’m glad you are choosing to bring the Montessori philosophy into your home. I wrote the book and movie for NAMTA, and they own the rights to them. Check the NAMTA website for availability. Also check out aidtolife.org for some video and helpful information. And I plan to offer a webinar in the next month on prepairing your home. So that could be helpful. I hope this is all helpful and I hope you follow my blog for more parenting tips. Take care,

  2. allison

    Hi June!! I was told about your amazing classes by Lindsley McClean and I”m so so excited to find out about you!! I have a one-year-old girl who has been walking well for weeks and am wondering which class would be suitable for her and when it would start? Perhaps this is clear somewhere on your site but I’m not seeing it so I apologize for that. I’m a Montessori-loving natural mama who is thrilled to know you are here in Houston!!

    Thank you so much for your time, I look forward to hearing from you!

    1. sarah Post author

      Hi Allison, Our Montessori for Young Children is the perfect class for children who are at least 14 months and walking well. This classes offers many opportunities to support your child’s growing independence. Each class offers opportunities for individual and group play as well as a group snack where your child will set his place with real dishes and sit with the other children to enjoy a bite to eat!

  3. Gabriela Pusch

    Hello,I would like to find out more about baking class.(winter-starting January 25th) my son is 3yo.Is it ok for me to be around or how does it work while kids are having baking class.Do you still have spots available to enroll please ? Thank you

  4. Melissa Neisen

    Hi! Megan Dye referred me to June Studios for a Potty Training consultation. I have a 26 month old daughter. Could you give me some info and pricing? Thanks. We are traveling at the end of February so I don’t know if its better to wait until after we get back.

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