Montessori classes for parents, infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

In-Studio Classes

Movement and Exploration

This class is for babies who are actively crawling, pulling up, cruising, and taking their first steps. Learn how Montessori philosophy can support your child’s need to move, inquisitive nature, and ability to develop concentration.

Montessori for Young Children

Step back and see independence blossom!  Learn how the Montessori philosophy can support your child’s growing independence, his explosion into language, and his desire to build relationships. In this Parent and Child class, your child’s innate drive to learn will guide him through a series of sensorial and intellectual experiences. 

Primary Experience

In the Montessori Primary your child will experience an authentic Montessori classroom with Montessori Materials and an expert, AMI trained teacher.  Children attend two days a week to ensure a cumulative experience building on itself throughout the semester. The class is two hours each day and includes the opportunity for the children to bring a lunch and share in a dining experience together.

Family Time in the Studio

Families can register for a single family session. Only your family will be allowed in Studio 1 during that time. You may bring all of your children. You will have access to all of Studio 1, the reception area, and the bathroom.

Online Workshops

Montessori and Food

Presented by Sarah Moudry with Simone Davies . 

Location: Online
Time: On-demand
Length: 2 hour workshop plus Q&A

  • Fostering independence in the kitchen
  • Avoiding (or recovering from) picky eating and food battles
  • Techniques for baking with children
  • Creating enjoyable family meals

$29 US

In-Home Lessons

Lessons in Your Home

Family Friendly Home Montessori Lessons at Home is a student-centered program designed to give each child a personalized approach to their education. This supports and encourages their personal and academic development. 

Toy Lending Library

Montessori Materials Rental

We can’t wait to share our collection of curated experiences for pick-up. Browse our curated collection of Montessori toys and materials online, use your private code to reserve them, and then pick them up when you are ready, return them when you are done!

“It follows that the child can only develop fully by means of experience on his environment.”

Absorbent Mind – Maria Montessori