“It follows that the child can only develop fully by means of experience on his environment.”

Absorbent Mind – Maria Montessori

In-Studio Classes

Montessori Materials at Home

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Online Classes

We are pleased to announce that we have designed a course to help you connect with other families around the globe.

As we have all adapted to a new way of connecting with other families, at Studio June we have created exciting, informative, and community building classes for families with young children. Are you looking to meet other families, get your questions answered by an expert ,and learn how to incorporate Montessori into your parenting?! Do you have friends across the globe you want to take a class with? Now is your chance!

Studio June is Houston’s only Montessori Parent and Child Education Studio. We offer classes for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Studio June is a small business. We work hard to create and deliver quality experiences for you and your child. During this time of physical distancing, we have created a series of free online classes for you to stay connected with the Studio June Community and keep the Montessori experiences happening in your home. Your donation is greatly appreciated.