Studio June is Houston’s Montessori Parent and Child Education Studio. We offer classes for parents with babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers up to 6 years old.

Classes for the First Years

Enriching experiences in our beautifully prepared Studios for you and your child to discover, learn, and play together

Montessori from the Start

eight weeks to crawling

Movement and Exploration

nine to seventeen months

Montessori for Young Children

twelve to thirty-six months (walking)

Bake with Me

eighteen to thirty-six months

Classes for Preschoolers

Unique opportunities for your child to develop her skills, knowledge, and independence

Pastry School

three to six years

Studio Solvers

three to six years

Primary Experience

three to six years

A first-of-its-kind early educational studio for young children and parents, Studio June focuses on creating an environment appealing to your child’s natural desire to explore, offering self-directed activities and hands-on learning. Parents have the opportunity to witness the developing will and amazing control young children have when they are engaged in self-led, meaningful play. Studio June instructors are experienced childhood development specialists with an emphasis in Montessori philosophy.

The Studio is designed to appeal to young children through beauty and simplicity. The natural wood furniture is sized perfectly for each age group, and the materials and toys are carefully selected and developmentally appropriate. Children explore activities from building to painting and working with water to baking, all with child-sized tools.

Studio June is a leading Montessori parent education studio known for its beautiful environments, clear education advice, and developmental activities and experiences. Founded by educator and designer, Sarah Moudry, Studio June’s refined and minimalist style incorporates clean lines with intriguing details to connect high design and practical living for the whole family. Learn more…

The Montessori approach to Potty Learning takes into account both the needs of the individual child and the concerns of the parents.  A child rarely learns to use the potty independently without the full support of the adults in his life.  Montessori philosophy encourages parents to examine their child’s individual needs and create an environment that is best suited for independent Potty Learning.  Read on…

Bring Montessori philosophy into your home with our Montessori Nanny class.

Parents, are you interested in helping your Nanny learn more about how to support your children at home? Do you want the Montessori philosophy to be more present in your home?

Nannies, do you work for a family that wants to incorporate Montessori philosophy in the work you do with their children?

In this information-packed class your Montessori trained instructor will teach you techniques to support growing independence, creative thinking, and natural explorations for the children in your care.
Topics include:
*Montessori and the child’s point of view
*The child’s work; concentration, independence, and collaborative work
*Setting limits
*Preparing and maintaining a Montessori in the home

Each participant will receive a Montessori Nanny Certificate of Completion. This class is taught in English and Spanish and all reading materials are offered in English and Spanish.