Studio June

Studio June is Houston’s only Montessori Parent and Child Education Studio. We offer classes for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Classes for the First Three Years

Montessori from the Start

For babies eight weeks to crawling and one adult. Learn the foundation of Montessori principles and how they can shape your parenting choices, home design, and your child’s learning.

Movement and Exploration

For babies crawling to first steps and one adult. Watch how the design of our Studio influences your child’s movement, intellectual, emotional, and social development.

Montessori for Young Children

For children walking and 14 months to three years and one adult. Your child’s independence is growing and our Studio will support her need for purposeful activity, language development, and social experiences.

Bake with Me

For children 18 – 36 months and one adult. Learn how the Montessori philosophy can support your child’s desire to be involved in daily activities like cooking. 

Classes for Children Three to Six Years Old

Studio Solvers

For children three to six years. This 4 week series is a one-of-its-kind engineering class for young solvers. Guided by a trained teacher and access to our unique investigative and discovery materials, your young solver will be faced with a unique problem each week.

Pastry School

For children three to six years. As your child grows more independent, she seeks to challenge her skills. Montessori education supports a child in this quest to do so. This class opens your child’s world to the delicate art of creating sweets.