A Class Near You

Studio June is located in Bellaire, Texas, USA and is a Montessori Parent and Child Education Studio. We provide a beautifully designed play-space filled with a curated set of Montessori toys, materials, and activities. We offer classes for children eight weeks through six years and their parents and caregivers. 

We would love for you to come take a class with us. Our classes page lists all of our classes with descriptions and schedules. We also have a FAQ page for many of the questions we get at the Studio. If you have questions about our classes, schedule, private parties, educational philosophy, or policies please contact us at info@studiojune.com 

You may be looking for a Montessori parent and child class in your area. We have a complied a list of classes around the world. It is our hope that everyone can experience the community, education, and beauty of a Montessori class so we hope one of these classes is near you.