Studio June is designed to appeal to young children through beauty and simplicity. The natural wood furniture is sized perfectly for each age group, and the materials and toys are carefully selected and developmentally appropriate. Children explore activities from building to painting and working with water to baking, all with child-sized tools.

Classes for Children who are not yet walking

Montessori from the Start – 8 weeks to crawling

This class is for babies from 8 weeks through crawling, and pulling up. This class has a focus on sensorial exploration for cognitive, social, and emotional development. In addition to creating opportunities for intellectual growth, movement development, and natural explorations, we will discuss sleep, weaning, playing with your baby, language development and reading to your baby, movement development and supporting each step.mfs_winter

Topics of interest include:
• Choosing toys
• Social development
• Healthy sleep habits
• Optimal nutrition
• Personality Development


Large Motor Development – crawling through first steps

This class should be called, trying to keep up with my crawler! This class is for babies who are actively crawling, pulling up and getting ready to take his first steps. Is your child moving and cruising and all over the house?! Crawling is an important stage in development and research has found the crawling stage is connected to later linguistic skills. Help support this developmental period by enrolling in our class just for crawlers.  lmd_winterThey will be busy pulling up, pushing carts, rolling balls crawling over the bridge and through tunnels.  This class is to celebrate your child’s need to move and strengthen his muscles so his transition to walking will be at his own pace.

The whole child development is important at all stages so we will continue to offer intellectually challenging activities that employ fine motor skills and support his widening vocabulary.

  Classes for children who are walking steadily

Montessori for Young Children – 14 months and walking to three years

Parents step back and see independence blossom! In this Parent and Child class, your child’s innate drive to learn will guide him through a series of sensorial and intellectual experiences. myc_winterLearn how to support his explosion into language and his desire to build relationships.
Appealing to your child’s natural desire to explore we will help strengthen his hands through eye-hand coordination activities, deepen his ability to concentrate through engaging and purposeful experiences, and build his social awareness with group activities.

Bake with Me – 18 months to three years

This class is loved by children and parents alike. Together we bake one item to be tasted during our group snack. Each child has the opportunity to contribute to the baking and patience is practiced while others have a turn. This class is a great opportunity for parents to witness the developing will and the amazing control young children have when they are engaged in a meaning full and community-oriented activity. bwm_winterWhile our delicious snack is baking, the children are free to explore the engaging and educational activities on the shelves. Once the snack is complete, the children set the table and sit together to taste their creation. This class comes with a set of recipes so that you can take the recipes home and bake them together again and again.
English – Wednesday AM
Spanish – Tuesday PM


Pastry School – three to six years

Taught by a trained Pastry Chef, this class opens your child’s world to the delicate art of creating sweets.  bakingWith a new recipe each week, each child will create a new masterpiece to taste all while building their skills of patience, measuring and calculations, slicing and chopping, and mixing and decorating.




Each studio session is prepared by a Montessori trained education professional, with the developmental needs of your child in mind.  We offer classes from 8 weeks through age six.  Join us for a stimulating and educational experience.  You will see the joy on your child’s face grow each time you return to The Studio.  The independence, self-confidence, and challenge that each session offers keeps your child engaged and connected to our wonderful community of families.

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