Studio June is designed to appeal to young children through beauty and simplicity. The natural wood furniture is sized perfectly for each age group, and the materials and toys are carefully selected and developmentally appropriate. Children explore activities from building to painting and working with water to baking, all with child-sized tools.

Each studio session is prepared by a Montessori trained education professional, with the developmental needs of your child in mind.  We offer classes from 8 weeks through age six.  Join us for a stimulating and educational experience.  You will see the joy on your child’s face grow each time you return to The Studio.  The independence, self-confidence, and challenge that each session offers keeps your child engaged and connected to our wonderful community of families.

Eight Weeks to Crawling

You will be introduced to Montessori philosophy and how it applies to your life with your infant. We will discuss education of the senses, social development, how to make the most of playtime, healthy sleep habits and so much more.

In addition to creating opportunities for intellectual growth, movement development, and natural explorations, we will discuss sleep, weaning, playing with your baby, language development and reading to your baby, movement development and supporting each step.

Crawling and 9 to 17 Months

This class is for babies who are actively crawling, pulling up, cruising, and taking their first steps. Learn how Montessori philosophy can support your child’s need to move, inquisitive nature, and ability to develop concentration.

Crawling is an important stage in development and research has shown the crawling stage is connected to later linguistic skills. Your child will be busy pulling up, rolling balls, and crawling over the bridge and through tunnels. Your child needs to move and Studio June offers an environment to support this need, encourage concentration, maximize positive social interaction, and refine his fine-motor skills.

As your child works on strengthening his muscles, you will have the opportunity to engage with other parents and learn tips, tricks, and techniques from your Montessori instructor to bringing this practice home.

Walking and 12 to 36 months

In our Montessori young child’s studio, step back and see independence blossom!  Learn how the Montessori philosophy can support your child’s growing independence, his explosion into language, and his desire to build relationships. In this Parent and Child class, your child’s innate drive to learn will guide him through a series of sensorial and intellectual experiences. 

Appealing to your child’s natural desire to explore we will help strengthen his hands through eye-hand coordination activities, deepen his ability to concentrate through engaging and purposeful experiences, and build his social awareness with group activities.

18 months to three years

Learn how the Montessori philosophy can support your child’s desire to be involved in daily activities like cooking. Each child takes a turn and learns to watch and appreciate the contribution of others.  In this social-skill-building class, support your child as he gains an appreciation of contributing to a group project. Each week we will create a new delicious dish for each to taste. This is a great way to expose your child to new sensorial experiences and learn the skills of patience and taking turns.

Winter Holidays :: This session will include recipes focussed around the Winter Holidays

Three to six years old

As a child grows more independent, he seeks to challenge his skills. Montessori education supports a child in his quest to do so. This class opens your child’s world to the delicate art of creating sweets.  With a new recipe each week, each child will create a new masterpiece to taste all while building his/her skills of patience, measuring, calculating, slicing, chopping, mixing, and decorating.

This 5 week series is a one-of-its-kind engineering class for young solvers. Guided by a trained teacher and access to our unique investigative and discovery materials and tools, your young solver will be faced with a unique problem each week. She will then be challenged to work with her peers to imagine possible solutions, use the provided materials to create the imagined ideas, and then test their ideas.

Each class starts with a gathering of young minds. The children begin with a light snack and conversation about the weeks topic. The instructor will introduce the problem through a story and then encourage the children to explore possible solutions. After the initial problem solving stage, the group will then move into the tinkering studio where they will explore possible solution with our investigative and discovery materials.
Your child was born to explore and this class encourages that urge as well as builds social skills as they work together, hear each other’s ideas, and take turns in their efforts.

A light snack is provided. Your child is welcome to bring a lunch to enjoy during the discussion phase.

Two and a half to six years old

Primary Experience

email for availability

The Montessori Primary experience is for children who are not yet enrolled in a full-time preschool program or who are homeschooling.

In the Montessori Primary Class, your child will experience an authentic Montessori classroom with Montessori Materials and an expert, trained teacher.  Children attend two days a week to ensure a cumulative experience building on itself throughout the semester. The class is two hours each day and includes the opportunity for the children to bring a lunch and share in a dining experience together.

To ensure a consistent and optimal educational experience for all children in the class, we require that parents register for the full semester.

Your child will experience:

A stimulating environment in which to learn

A community of children to encourage positive social development

A socially and emotionally supportive environment

Independence in a supportive and intellectually stimulating environment

Individualized attention using Montessori materials presented by a trained montessori guide and geared to your child’s individual development

Community building and social experiences designed for each child’s individual development.

**note: this is not a drop off program.  A parent or a specified adult is required to be on site while child attends classes at Studio June.  Parents are welcome to wait in our reception area.

 Have a question about a class?  Let us know!