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A first-of-its-kind early educational studio for young children and parents, Studio June focuses on creating an environment appealing to children’s natural desire to explore, offering self-directed activities and hands-on learning. Parents have the opportunity to witness the developing will and amazing control young children have when they are engaged in self-led, meaningful play. Studio June instructors are experienced childhood development specialists with an emphasis in Montessori philosophy.

The Studio is designed to appeal to young children through beauty and simplicity. The natural wood furniture is sized perfectly for each age group, and the materials and toys are carefully selected and developmentally appropriate. Children explore activities from building to painting and working with water to baking, all with child-sized tools.

Studio June is the brainchild of Houston resident and education authority Sarah Moudry who has held a strong desire to bring her passion for supporting young families to a greater audience. A longtime advocate for Montessori education, Moudry is AMI Montessori trained at both the Primary and Assistance to Infancy levels and has worked with children ranging in age from newborns to 14-year-olds. She consults with teachers and parents on creating home and school environments for children combining education and design principles. An authority on pregnancy, childbirth, toileting, and other early childhood development topics, Sarah Moudry speaks regularly at educational conferences worldwide and is the author of several books and videos on early childhood education.


Sarah Moudry, Studio June Founder

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  1. Carolina

    Hi Sarah,
    My name is Carolina Peredo, I got to know some of your work and publications via Sara Cotner who I met here in Austin. I’m very interested in the Montessori philosophy and I love and admire your work. I’m contacting you this time because I’m hosting a Radio Show about Motherhood in a different culture. The show is fully in Spanish and it is broadcasted live from Austin to different cities in the US and Mexico, as the Radio is Mexican, from Guadalajara. This time we are going to be talking about potty training and I was wondering if you are fluent in Spanish and you think you would like to participate in the show with an interview over the phone. If that’s not the case, I wonder if you know a Hispanic or fluent in Spanish Mom that you’ve trained / did consultation in potty training? Thanks much for your time.
    Carolina Peredo
    Madre Hay Una Sola Radio Show

  2. Anne Estes

    Hi Sarah!
    I am teaching parent infant classes at sunny hollow and cathedral hill- would love to use your packet of handouts for parent resources! My order was cancelled, I’m not sure what happened but would I be able to re-order?
    Hope all is well.

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