Toilet Learning

Toilet Awareness by Sarah Moudry 

Toilet Awareness is a step-by-step guide for helping your child learn to use the toilet. This method has at its core the natural development of the child.

Amazing Baby by Desmond Morris

This book is a great anthropological examination of a baby’s first two years by your favorite zoologist!  It’s great for understanding how your baby grows and the inner biological and chemical factors that make us all get growing from the start.


Toilet Training Without Tantrums by John Rosemond

This is a solid book by a prolific author.  He keeps things simple and rebukes the ideas that learning to use the toilet must be stressful and exhausting.  It is a straightforward read based on decades of experience.  (Almost as good as Toilet Awareness ;-). )


Aid to Life Collection by AMI/NAMTA

aid to lifeFrom Aid to Life: “You want to do the best for your child but no one ever trained you to be a parent. Sometimes the information you find in books, magazines, parent groups and websites is conflicting and overwhelming. It is difficult to know which route to take to help your child.

“Aid to Life offers clear, simple, straightforward advice that is easy to understand and most importantly easy to apply.”

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