What shall I bring?

Please bring the usual contents of your diaper bag for an afternoon outing. Studio June provides a changing table and private bathroom.  If possible, please do not bring strollers or carseat carriers as the space in our room is quite limited. If you are attending Montessori for Young Children or Bake with Me, you may consider bringing a change of clothes for your child.

What shall we do when we arrive?

Studio 1 (pre-walking children): Please remove your shoes and place them in the storage area just outside the classroom.  Then choose an area of the classroom to start with your child.  pre-mobile baby can be placed on a Movement Mat to play.  They often like to start under a Mobile or in front of the mirror.  Mobile babies can be placed on the floor and begin to explore independently.

Studio 2 (Walking and beyond): You may keep your shoes on, although many young children prefer to remove their shoes and keep them in a cubby in the classroom. When your child has chosen an activity, encourage him to take the whole activity to a table to work.  When he is done, please return the item to the proper shelf for the next child to use.  

What if my child puts a toy in his mouth?  

Studio 1: If this happens, when he is done mouthing the toy, please dunk the item in the natural sanitizer marked on the wall and then place it on the towel to air dry. Please place used towels, fabric toys, and other cloth items in the laundry bin provided.

Studio 2: You may wash the item at the sink and place it back out for the next child.  If you feel it need to be disinfected, place it on the counter and let your instructor know. Please place used towels in the laundry bin provided.

What if my child is sick?

If your child is coughing, sneezing, has visible yellow/green mucus, has a fever or is generally not well, please stay home from class.  It is important to keep everyone as healthy as possible and children learn best when they feel their best.  Children should be fever free for 24 hours before returning to class.  Each session, Studio June offers 1 make-up class per family.  You can find our Make-up schedule here.

What if my child is hungry or thirsty?

Studio 1: please feel free to nurse or bottle-feed your baby whenever you feel he/she needs it.

Studio 2: Please encourage your child to wait until snack is served to eat.  If he/she is thirsty, water is available for drinking, please ask your instructor.

What if I need to reach the instructor?

You can reach our instructors at info@thestudiojune.com or by calling 903-600-5863.  Please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.