The latest book by Sarah Moudry

Full of how-to ideas and easy-to-follow
recipes for you and your children

  • Tips for having family meals
  • Dealing with picky eaters
  • Step-by-step recipes for children
  • Enjoy dining out as a family
  • Tips for cooking with children
  • Follows Montessori principles
  • Over 100 pages of recipes
  • Full-color photos
  • Over 200 pages

First Foods is a how-to book with a wealth of tips, delicious recipes for young children, and suggestions on making and eating food as a family.   Throughout the book, readers can see how food shapes the life of a family from nursing, early childhood, and including children in preparing meals together. From the moment a child is welcomed into the family, food becomes a focus. As parents, we must pay attention to nutrition, variety, and the connectedness we have during meal times. That connection grows as our children become independent eaters, contributors to family meals, and caregivers for others through food. This book is the story of using a Montessori approach to become a family who values food and community. We don’t always get it right, but as with anything, we keep trying. 

First Foods is a complete family meals handbook. It covers everything from nursing to grocery shopping with children to setting up your kitchen tools so children can prepare meals independently. It is perfect for new parents, families with young children, and grandparents who want to enjoy preparing food alongside their grandchildren. Readers will benefit from Sarah Moudry’s years of experience with her own children and teaching parent-child cooking classes. First Foods also reflects Moudry’s own attempts to live slowly and in the moment with her family. Her focus on intentionality around food and meals is clear throughout the book.

If you’re looking for a cookbook for young children that gives you the whole picture, not just simple recipes, this is it. If you want to be more intentional around family meals, this book will give you that support. If you have a young child about to start solid foods, this book will guide you through weaning and help you to set up all aspects of your family meals.