Let’s Eat! (Together!)

As a parent, one of the most rewarding moments of the day can be when we all sit down together for a meal.  Sharing food is such an important part of our culture and being able to see my children sit, enjoy the food, use appropriate manners, have conversation, and take part in this cultural ritual is so satisfying.

This is not my experience at every meal, or even everyday.  Continue reading “Let’s Eat! (Together!)”

Tummy Time

Many of the parents I work with struggle with adding tummy time as part of their regular routine.  It may seem difficult at first to allow your baby to fuss while on his tummy, but it does not take long before he will enjoy tummy time.  Offer tummy time in little bits and try to lengthen the time as you go.  The benefits are great, and the alternative (possible delays in development) can last a lifetime.

Read a bit more…http://northshoremama.ca/make-time-for-tummy-time/

My Night with Mothers of Multiples

I had a great night tonight talking with the Bellaire Area Mothers of Multiples group in Bellaire, TX. What a great group of ladies (and a few gentlemen, always welcome!).

I always enjoy talking with people who are energized to invest in helping their children along the path to independence and confidence!

Keep the conversation going! Toilet Awareness is on sale at Amazon.com and the fall classes at the Motherhood Center are starting soon! There’s still time to register.
Birth to crawling.
Crawling to walking.

Montessori Congress Update (24 days!)

The International Montessori Congress in Portland, Oregon starts July 31.  It’s not too late to register!

Come see some great presenters and some cool vendors.  Sarah is co-presenting with her husband a talk entitled, “Living With Young People,” on Saturday, August 3.  This talk is specifically for parents; get more information and register here (just $15!).

Description: James and Sarah focus on the natural development of children and the supportive role of the family. The presentation gives a positive view of parents, parenting, and the collaborative partnerships between teachers and parents in service to children and directly related to Montessori schools. Further, the presentation marshals parents in envisioning their role as the nurturers of the next generation of peacemakers and peacekeepers. James and Sarah draw on their experiences as the parents of three children attending Montessori school and as well as Montessori educators and administrators.

Toilet Awareness book on Amazon.com

Toilet Awareness (2012)toilet-awareness-cover

Toilet Awareness is a step-by-step guide for helping your child learn to use the toilet.  This method is centered on the natural development of children.


  • “What a great guide on how to properly train your child to use the toilet. This would make a great baby gift.”
  • “It is a quick read, easy to understand, and has great pictures to show you how to set up your toileting space to help your child experience success.  This book works!!“
  • “Sarah has the best way of giving examples of what language we can use when talking about toileting. She makes it all so clear and sane.”