Speaking this week at NAMTA: Minneapolis

I’ll be presenting two workshops November 7-9 as part of the NAMTA conference in Minneapolis (bring a sweater).  Register now!

Montessori From Birth to Six:
In Search of Community Values

1. How to Start a Parent-Infant Community and How to Maximize the Benefits (Friday)

How parents become introduced into the Montessori world is a key component to their continued engagement into deeper Montessori immersion. Sarah Moudry has perfected a friendly and practical approach to communicating our Montessori insights to parents of children from the ages of birth to crawling, crawling to walk- ing, and walking and beyond. Knowledge reduces stress and makes for a calmer and happier home and family.

2. Toileting Awareness for Montessorians in Infant, Toddler, and Primary Communities (Saturday)

Toileting is a powder keg of misconceptions and misinformation. Learn the de- tails of a stress-free sequence that supports the child’s natural development. All guides can benefit from this knowledge, which they can in turn communicate to the families they serve.

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