What is in the Studio?

This week we are sharing with you some of our favorite containers for holding and organizing toys and tools in our Studios.

INFANT STUDIO: We love the handmade mini Bolga baskets from Ghana. Bright colors, great textures, and fair trade!

MOVEMENT STUDIO: This two part basket is great for ring stackers, box with chips, or shape sorters. Place the box or peg on one side and the pieces on the other. Keeps your shelves tidy and beautiful. Use promo code FRIENDS at West Elm this week for 20% off.

YOUNG CHILDREN’S STUDIO: We use this tote for window washing, but it could be used for so many things! Perfect in size and weight! Use promo code FRIENDS at West Elm this week for 20% off.

BAKING STUDIO: An inviting baking activity can be prepared and organized on this beautiful tray. Sturdy handles help us move it from counter to table without worry. The clear tall sides allow the children to see all the ingredients, and our instructor know that any spills will stay contained.


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