To the Beach!

carseatThe beach can be such a great place for a young child to explore.  They love all the new objects to find, birds to see, and the occasional jelly fish (depending on where you are beaching it!)  I encourage everyone to find a moment to visit a beach this summer, whether it is on the shore of a lake or the edge of the ocean, it is worth the trip for your young one.  Of course, there are must haves like sunscreen, sun hats, and snacks, but here are a few tips to ensure that the trip will be more fun than work: 

  1. Inflatable pool: My older sister recommended this to me before our first trip to Florida years ago.  Thanks Amy!  Purchase a small inflatable pool and have it on the beach next to your blanket.  Fill it with warm water from the lake or ocean.  This can be a way for young children to experience the water if they are intimidated by the waves.  They will eventually make their way to the shore, and this can ease them in.
  2. Tent: We really enjoyed our sunshade tent.  It provided a perfect spot for our young child to nap on the beach, sheltered from the intense sun.  It allowed me and the older kids to continue our adventures on the beach while the youngest napped. 
  3. Toys: Don’t forget the toys.  Buckets, shovels, and sieves are great for the beach, but you can also use large spoons, colanders, and bowls from he kitchen.  Children will have great fun exploring the possibilities of water and sand.

What essential are you bringing to the beach with you this summer?

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