It’s in the details

photo 1A sensitive period for tiny objects.

As a young child explores the world through his senses, he is drawn to different aspects of the environment at different times of development.  Nature has pre-programed this.  It is a child’s nature to go through each stage. The part that we can control is the richness of experience we offer him through the beauty of his surroundings,

At around 14 months old a child enters a sensitive period for tiny objects.  On a walk he will see the tiniest ant cross the path or the smallest drop of dew holding on to a blade of grass.

He is such a keen observer that the tiniest of details does not escape his data collection.

It makes me think, if these are the tiny details he is capable of seeing and pointing out to me, what are the minute details that he is hearing, tasting, and smelling that does not yet have the language to ask about?

I am in awe of the way he absorbs his world.

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