The Young Child’s Shelf Grows Up

Older child shelf

Shelves for older children

As my children have grown and come to understand how to keep their toys in order, we have been able to keep more toys accessible to them.  They can read and so we have now labeled each container.  They can also sort, open and close different containers, and put things away when asked.

Although they are capable of all of this, it still helps to keep their toys organized and keep clutter to a minimum.  This is a picture of our living room toy shelf.
Cabinets: CB2
Shelves: Ikea
Round containers: Container Store
Containers in cabinets: Container store
Lego bins: Ikea
Installation tip from the husband 😉 …
To keep this beautiful shelving and cabinet installation looking crisp over years of use, skip the simple plastic wall anchors. To keep things level and firmly in place, use DrillerToggle wall anchors rated at 100 lbs. They are simple to install with a screwdriver and you can get them at your local home center.

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