Early Childhood Series

In the preschool years (3-6yr) children need opportunities to learn skills that will carry them through their life. These skills include social skills, vocabulary enrichment, and literacy awareness, early math and problem-solving skills, and eye-hand coordination. In addition to these foundational abilities, children develop the stamina of sticking with a difficult task, perseverance when challenged, and the ability to work within a group. Our Early Childhood Series offers all of this and more! Whether you are homeschooling and looking for more opportunities and classes to add to your schedule or waiting to start school until later, your child will love the lessons in our Early Childhood Series and find themselves prepared and loving learning, ready to move forward to whatever adventures await them. 

All of our classes are taught by trained Montessori teachers and have at the center of their lessons, your child’s individual development. 

In this interactive class, your child will learn to use the sounds of the alphabet to build phonemic awareness and the building blocks of writing. Through the art of storytelling and the use of fun literacy games, your child will build a foundation to take them into creative writing and total reading when the time is right.

  • Your child will create a foundation of early literacy skills: including:
    • Phonemic awareness
    • Cursive letter recognition 
    • Letter Sound identification
    • Vocabulary Enrichment

Why cursive? The most natural letter writing for the child’s hand, we use cursive letters just like authentic Montessori schools. We teach the same method your child would learn in a Montessori school. Children see print all around them, and early exposure to cursive only strengthens their connection and knowledge base of letters. Using cursive researchers have found fewer confusions with ‘b’ and ‘d’ and ‘p’ and ‘q’. Additionally, cursive allows for a flowing hand movement that moves left to write, creating a natural path for handwriting. Read more here

This fun class will jumpstart your child’s scientific thinking through stories and nursery rhymes The stories are brought to life with real experiments and explorations that inspire young children to solve problems, generate ideas, and test solutions.

  • Each activity encourages your child to:
    • Investigate
    • Problem solve
    • Observe
    • Analyze

This is a one-of-its-kind engineering class for young engineers. Guided by a trained teacher and access to our unique investigative and discovery materials and tools, your young solver will be faced with a unique problem each day. They will then be challenged to work with their peers to imagine possible solutions, use the provided materials to create the imagined ideas, and then test their ideas. This class is offered in a three part series:

  • Part 1: Investigation with Ramps
  • Part 2: Newtons Laws and Flexible Ramps
  • Part 3: Magnets and Moveable Parts

With your child’s own baking station they will create their own masterpiece! Join us for this unique opportunity and we will inspire your child’s independence, confidence, and tastebuds! This class offers a tasty treat and a recipe card to take home.

  • Each child will have their own baking station and be led through the recipe step-by-step by our trained Montessori instructor.
  • After your child’s special treat is in the oven they will clean their baking station and get ready to taste.
  • The class wraps up with each child tasting their creations and sharing their thoughts on the recipe.

Responding to your child’s Mathematical Mind, this class supports their natural instinct to explore numbers, counting, adding, subtracting, and seeing patterns in nature. Together we will explore three main concepts; numbers, quantities, and the relationship of number and quantity.

  • Your child will explore:
    • Numbers 1-10
    • Large numbers
    • Mathematical operations
    • Ciphers and quantities

Is your child a budding botanist? A zany zoologist? A plant lover? A caretaker of the garden and its critters? This class is sure to be an amazing experience as we explore the life of plants and animals, the ones in your home, those in the backyard, and those in the forest. 

  • Your child will:
    • Explore the difference between living and non-living
    • Learn about plant and animal kingdoms
    • Observe natural occurrences in nature
    • Bring home their life of life!