Studio June classes are designed to appeal to young children through beauty and simplicity. The natural wood furniture is sized perfectly for each age group, and the materials and toys are carefully selected and developmentally appropriate. Children explore activities from building to painting and working with water to baking, all with child-sized tools.

Each studio session is prepared by a Montessori-trained education professional, with the developmental needs of your child in mind.  We offer classes from eight weeks through six years.  Join us for a stimulating and educational experience.  You will see the joy on your child’s face grow each time you return to the Studio.  The independence, self-confidence, and challenge that each session keeps your child engaged and connected to our wonderful community of families. 

Your time in the Studio allows you to observe your child as they build independence, master skills, and make social connections. Each week you will be presented with a new Montessori topic to support your parenting and better understand your child’s development.

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