Montessori Lessons at Home

Family Friendly Home Montessori Lessons at Home is a student-centered program designed to give each child a personalized approach to their education. This supports and encourages their personal and academic development. 

  • Planning – Through student-centered learning, our educational professionals will guide you to create an educational environment. Together with you, we will nurture your child’s curiosity and love of learning and promote their social, emotional, and intellectual development. 
  • Progress Tracking – We regularly review and offer feedback of notes recorded in our Parent Observation Journal. This journal is a private log where you can add notes during your child’s participation in the program. Our trained instructors will read notes weekly and make adjustments to your child’s program accordingly. Observation is the keystone to an individualized and responsive education. 
  • Flexible Schedule – You and your child have the flexibility to complete your lesson plans when the time is right for you. Your trained instructor will coach you through difficulties such as keeping your child engaged, prolonging their concentration, and learning to work independently. Each family is different and our programs are designed to respond accordingly. 
  • Group Learning – In addition to your child’s personalized lesson plan, your child will have the opportunity to join optional online group classes. Families enrolled in our Montessori Lessons at Home program will receive a private invitation to group classes that will include date, time, materials and set-up instructions, and a link to the class.