A Young Child’s Toy Shelf

simple shelf
Ever wonder how your young child’s toys have taken over your family room?
Here is a tip: you don’t have to have them all out all the time.  It is important that a young child sees order in his environment.  Providing your child with an external order for his toys will help him create internal mental order.  Simply seeing order helps his brain to create ordered thoughts.  This means you just need to set up one simple shelf with just a few beautiful toys, clearly displayed.  No need for an overwhelming toy box.  This just creates an opportunity to loose pieces and overwhelm your child.

A small shelf with three toys on each shelf is perfect.  Keep the rest in the closet and rotate them as your child’s interest dictates.
Toys suitable for putting in baskets:
  • a collection of rattles or teethers
  • a few small stuffed animals or dolls
  • different sized balls

“Minimalism is not the lack of something. It’s simply the perfect amount of something.”
Nicholas Burroughs

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