What’s In the Studio? October 20

Preschool Studio

For children between three and six years, they are learning to take care of themselves in a way that requires more independence. This tabletop mirror allows them the freedom to check their face after a meal, their nose after they use a tissue, and their hair once they have styled it. Something as simple as a mirror encourages self awareness in young children.

Young Child Studio

Practical Life is one of the most loved areas of our young child studio. This is where we see independence blossom and self confidence build. Flower arranging allows children to independently beautify their environment. We sell this activity in the Studio June store, a perfect little gift if you are celebrating any gift-giving holidays in the near future…hint…hint.

Movement Studio

This Plan Toys graded circle puzzle is always a favorite. The knobs are the perfect size for your child’s developing grasp, and the challenge of sizing the circles will keep your child’s focus.

Infant Studio

We store our collections of sweet rattles in low, soft baskets; on the shelf, and on the movement mat. Babies love to practice their grasping and releasing by choosing from toys in a small basket. This is the perfect low-sided basket for just this purpose!

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