In the Studio _ September 20

It has been a while since we have posted an “In the Studio” post. We have been busy getting our lending library going and so now, many of the “In the Studio” activities we have written about are now available for you to have in your home. To learn more about our Houston-based Studio To Go program, check out details on our website.

If you are interested in participating in Studio To Go and are not in the Houston area, we want to hear from you! We are expanding our service!

So here’s what’s in the Studio this week…

Preschool Studio

We are not sure if we love the rocket building or truck building better on this one. This activity combines visual and spatial skill with eye hand coordination. Not to mention the purposeful hammering!

Young Child Studio

Language activity: Sweet Treats! We love sweets and we love matching language cards. Want to make your own Set? Print off the language cards and you can find all the matching objects here. Cupcake Ice Cream Macaron Doughnut

Movement Studio

Rainbow Pop-up!!! We are so excited about this one. The pop up toy is always a favorite because the perfect size and skill needed to put the pegs in and pull them out…but we have found it in a beautiful rainbow!

Infant Studio

Cute as can be and a little bell inside!  This wobble toy encourages your young one to reach out and make this little birdie move. Just the motivation they need to reach, scoot, and build that upper body strength. Bring new excitement to tummy time!

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