Do you want to play a game?

Need a push to do something fun this week? These activities are not new, by any means, but they are just a reminder of how much fun and learning is right there at home with you.

Say It With Music
“Freeze” is a fun game to play to music. Explain to your child to move and dance when they hear the music, and freeze when they hear the music stop! This helps build listening skills and a fun way! 
Building vocabulary“Hokey-Pokey”offers opportunities to listen and follow directions, while teaching about words and sounds. Through the song your child learns to identify and isolate each part of the body.
Act It OutSupport imaginative play by providing dress-up clothes. Use items such as hats, scarves, purses, and more. This type of play helps children to work out and practice social situations they have witnessed or been a part of. 

These are activities are fun with crawling children, 2, 3, 4…you name it! Who doesn’t love to get dressed up and dance?!

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