The Social Connection


Humans are social, by nature!  Some of us, more than others, but we must all have other human connection to survive, learn, grow, actualize, love…you name it.  We gain from being together.  Babies are the same, and this is why it is important to parent around other families.  Getting out and about can be difficult with a newborn, but once your child is a couple months old, both of you may be craving a little social interaction.  For you, sympathizing, empathizing and just having adult conversation can make huge difference in your confidence and happiness as a parent.  For your child, hearing new voices, seeing new faces and having new experiences in small doses helps build his brain!  All of this contributes to a foundation for future social interactions.

How can you help your child in social interactions?

Model: When you interact with others, children or adults, look them in the eye, smile, and have genuine conversation.  Your child is learning from you.

Opportunity: Join a mommy and me class or support group, it is best to join a group with a variety of ages, that way your children get to see other children at different developmental stages.  An ideal group size is ten or fewer so that it is not too overwhelming for either of you.

Guidance: When your child reaches out to interact with another person, feel free to step back and watch.  You don’t have to narrate all of his relationships.  However, if he pulls hair or grabs at another’s skin, while removing his clenched hand, simply explain” this is another person and that hurts her.  Please don’t grab her.”  Saying this out loud helps set a limit for your child that he will soon be able to respect.  This also acknowledges to the other child that her space has been encroached upon, and you are helping to protect that. 

Here in Texas we are happy to offer a variety of Parent and Child classes at Studio June! What parent and child classes do you have in your area?!

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