Is your home ready for conversation?

playspaceChildren are born ready to communicate with their parents. And parents are ready to listen. With each cry, you meet her needs; sleep, clean diaper, milk…you are there and ready. As her basic needs are met, she grows, she is awake for longer periods of time and she wants to interact. The toys you choose are important and the conversation you have with her is significant as she builds her understanding of the world. In order to offer her optimal awake time, here are some key elements to include in your home:

A place to play and move: Choose an area where you spend a good amount of time and create a play space that is close by. Place a blanket or foam mat on the floor. This is a space you can put your baby down and she can enjoy free movement.movement-area

A low mirror: Secure a low mirror to the wall in your child’s play space. The mirror allows your baby to see her full body move, talk to herself when on her tummy or rolling, and reflects the movement around the room and keeps her engaged.

toys-in-basketA basket of toys: A few small rattles in a natural basket give her choices. In the beginning you will hand her a toy to reach for, but soon she will be scooting toward the basket to make her own choice. Each rattle makes a different sound and offers audio information as she builds her knowledge.

A mobile: A mobile hung above her play space offers more mobileopportunities for concentration, reaching experience, and she may even verbally express herself while the mobile floats above her.

Want to know more about the importance of your home play space and meeting your child’s needs through communication? Join us for our Early Communication class in March. We will learn baby sign, how to interpret you child’s attempts at verbal expressions, and finger play and songs to build your relationship.

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