Month of May Giveaway!


  • Each Friday in the month of May I will give away a copy of Edison’s Day.  That’s 5 chances to win!
  • One winner will be randomly drawn each week.
  • Add your email for parenting tips and news in the box at the top of this page and be automatically entered to win! or send an email to
  • Each winner will be contacted by email


This is your chance to add this video to your personal library.  Edison’s Day has helped thousands of parents around the world gain a better understanding of what it can mean to have Montessori at home.  Packed full of ideas to empower your toddler at home, this video shows what a day in the life of a young child can be.

Hurry, your first chance to win is today!

1 thought on “Month of May Giveaway!

  1. Rochelle Cutler

    Great giveaway! This DVD is fantastic and well worth sharing with more families. Parents are often amazed by the capabilities of this little toddler and are keen to try lots of ideas out at home!


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