How to put on a sock (in 10 toddler steps)

socks onHow to put on a sock in 10 toddler steps…

1. Sit down
2. Pick up the sock and look at it
3. Put your thumbs inside the opening of the sock
4. Pull the sock open wide
5. Balance on your bottom and lift one foot to the sock opening
6. Put your toes inside the sock
7. Push your foot all the way into the sock while still holding the sock open
8. Let go of the sock
9. Make sure the heel and toe of the sock are in the proper place; adjust as needed
10. Repeat with the other sock on your other foot.

I know this seems over-complicated. 😉 However,  when showing a young child to dress himself independently, when you show each step clearly and precisely, he can understand all of the movements that he has to perfect and refine to be successful with the task.

Are you ready to support your child’s independence with this? Remember, his rhythm is not the same as yours!


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