Demo Classes are good for all!

bakingToday and tomorrow we are hosting free sample classes at Studio June.  It is such a wonderful time for me to meet new families and introduce them to the wonderful possibilities of Montessori.  I learn so much about local families and the support they need to strengthen our community.
Here are just a few of the topics I got to discuss with families today:
1. The series of Montessori Mobiles and how they support the development of concentration and the strengthening of eye muscles.
2. The need for sensorial exploration with the mouth and the benefits of offering toys made of natural materials.
3. The importance of a full length mirror and when a baby recognizes his reflection.
4. Purposeful grasp and intentional release.
5. Independence in art explorations.
6. Plant care with young children and the benefits for a young child in caring for plants and animals.
7. The importance of building community with parents and their young children.
A wonderful, wonderful day!   Thank you Houston families and I look forward to sharing more with you tomorrow.

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