Potty Learning Season

Over lunch this week, a friend asked, “How is work going?”  I responded, “It’s busy. It’s Potty Learning season.”  We both laughed at the term, and she asked why would there be a season for such a thing.  SJ-toiletThe truth is, summer is such a perfect time to start the potty learning process.  First, it is a time of year you can let your child go bare-bottomed.  This often makes the process move more quickly, as a child without pants and underwear (or diaper) can more easily feel a trickle down his leg, and is less hindered when he actually makes it to the potty.  Secondly, many parents are trying to get a jump start before school is in session in the fall.  Many schools now have the requirement that children be potty trained, or well on their way.  So, I formally am declaring summer: Potty Learning Season 😉   (although I strongly believe potty learning should start any time of year that your find yourself ready)

If you need support figuring out when and how to start your Potty Learning routine, contact us at Studio June.  We offer Potty Learning Camp, Private Potty Learning Support in your home, and Potty Learning Phone Consultations.  You can also get started by ordering our Potty Learning Guide; Toilet Awareness.

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