Moving Forward

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Children are born to move.  At first reflexively, but as they have more experiences moving their body freely, they gain control over their movements and the movements become purposeful.  a reflexive hand brushing the bell that hangs above him, soon becomes a meaningful reaching any batting at the bell to repeat the cause and effect.  Your baby is learning that his movements impact his environment; his first experiences of his ability to control and manipulate his environment.

How can you support your child’s efforts to move?

  1. Offer meaningful and interesting experiences to move toward
    • toys that roll: balls, rolling rattles, a Happy Apple
    • baskets of interesting object at a distance from one another around the house: a whisk, a plastic container, a wooden spoon
  2. allow time for him to lay flat on the floor and move freely
    • a soft mat or quilt on the floor makes for a comfortable space
    • a mirror next to this space supports his growing knowledge of how his body moves
  3. Dress your baby for free movement
    • Dress him in clothes that do not restrict his movement such as short trousers with elastic waists or play suits without fitted feet
    • Lightweight fabrics are better than coarse fabrics like denim and make it easier for him to move his body.

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