A Few More Details

I love the preparation of the environment. This is the place we lovingly prepare for a child to construct himself. He will come here everyday and experience life, connecting with his community, and caring for his own needs. Now that I have prepared the space, it will be my job to serve as the bridge for each child; to connect them to this space, and then to step out of the way so they can discover the world.

Wiping a table

Cutting paper, clay, and sewing

Language cards: birds, farm animals, objects in the bedroom, haircare

Language objects: the bathroom

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    1. Junnifa, I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures. The clear trays are from the container store. They also have one size smaller that I use in other areas of the environment. The set in the picture has plastic placemats from Target cut and double-stick taped to the bottom to differentiate them a bit.

      1. Thank you Sarah! I will look for them. I also like the wooden trays with the raised handles. The handles on my wooden trays are cut out for the sides and I find this can be tricky for the younger children. Could you tell me where to find these too. Thanks again.

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