The Search for School

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I appreciate how this parent acknowledges that it took the process of applying to schools to become more aware of her child’s individual personality and her own parenting choices. And I question why getting into school has to be such a stressful process for all involved.

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Purposeful Work

Once a child can walk, he finds new purpose for his hands.


He can do! Before now he has explored many things with his hands. Usually he was lying down or seated. Now he can walk. He is in an upright position, with the ability to move toward whatever he chooses. With his hands free to carry, to touch, to tip over, to pour, to build…he moves with a purpose. His purpose is to seek out and learn about his environment.

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9 year old bakes banana cream pie

I find myself often explaining to people that when I say we are a Montessori family, I’m not

Montessori is the spirit with which we approach life. It is the guide for our interactions with one another and our commitment to our community.
referring to the type of school the children attend. Sure they go to a Montessori school and in an educational setting there are very clear expectations and guidelines for implementing the Montessori Method. But Montessori is much more than that for our family.

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Shortcutting Our Kids

Imagine you were on the way out to a party and you had to stop and pick up a dessert and stop to see a sick friend on the way.  Then your spouse says, “I know a short cut.  It will definitely get us there fast!”  “We’ll have to forget about the dessert, and your friend, but we’ll get to the party faster, that’s all that matters, right?”

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New resources available

Check out the new Infant-Parent resource sets in the shop!  If you’re running an Infant-Parent class (or even a Parent-Infant class ;-)) these are great reproducibles for your files.  They are heavyweight card stock masters that you can use for years!  Don’t be selfish; share this post!

Speaking this week at NAMTA: Minneapolis

I’ll be presenting two workshops November 7-9 as part of the NAMTA conference in Minneapolis (bring a sweater).  Register now!

Montessori From Birth to Six:
In Search of Community Values

1. How to Start a Parent-Infant Community and How to Maximize the Benefits (Friday)

How parents become introduced into the Montessori world is a key component to their continued engagement into deeper Montessori immersion. Sarah Moudry has perfected a friendly and practical approach to communicating our Montessori insights to parents of children from the ages of birth to crawling, crawling to walk- ing, and walking and beyond. Knowledge reduces stress and makes for a calmer and happier home and family.

2. Toileting Awareness for Montessorians in Infant, Toddler, and Primary Communities (Saturday)

Toileting is a powder keg of misconceptions and misinformation. Learn the de- tails of a stress-free sequence that supports the child’s natural development. All guides can benefit from this knowledge, which they can in turn communicate to the families they serve.