What toys does an infant need?

In the first year of life it is often difficult for parents to know how to engage their child and how to inspire play.  In my infant and parent classes I talk with parents about the quality of toys.

Toys should be:

Limited in number –  too many rattles out at one time can over-whelm a young child
Appropriately sized –  a rattle should fit easily into you baby’s hand, and she should be able to lift it and bring it to her mouth or transfer it from one hand to the other.
Displayed simply – each toy should be clearly visible on a low shelf or housed with just two other toys in a small basket.  This allows your child to see the beauty in each toy.
Made of natural materials – choose from woods, metals, wool, silk, cotton or natural rubber
Not be battery operated – toys should make gentle sounds that are created when your child manipulates them, for example a bell that chimes when he shakes a rattle.  This helps your child to begin an understanding of how his movements can affect the world.

Some of my favorite toys for babies:

Natural Rubber





Wool Teether

Wool Teether









Sterling Silver Rattle








Silk Scarves

Silk Scarves








Crochet Rattle

Crochet Rattle






1 thought on “What toys does an infant need?

  1. Anne Gregor

    Great checklist. It is vital that we know the age-appropriate kind of toys we buy for our kids.

    Classic wooden toys never goes out of style.



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