Five Signs My Children Are Becoming Amazing People

  1. Daughter: while packing lunches for school for her and her two brothers she exclaims, “Tomatoes! Oliver will just gobble them up!”
  2. Son: after recently completing a report on fungus, bursts into tears when he sees a woman kicking over every mushroom she passes. He then explains to me how each of those fungi no longer can reproduce.
  3. Daughter: on the way to school we are listening to the Beatles “When I’m Sixty-Four” and my daughter says, “Hey! 64 is the cube of 4!”
  4. Another Son: “I got all my spelling words correct because I read a lot and reading books is the best way to learn new words.”
  5. Son: after adding up the remainder of funds left after purchasing souvenirs at the zoo, he reads about making a donation to Children’s Hospital and decides we have just enough to make the purchase. What an amazing look of happiness on his face.

3 Replies to “Five Signs My Children Are Becoming Amazing People”

  1. In the photo, what is the container that has a picture of a monkey (?) on it? I’m always looking for non-plastic options so was just curious (although maybe it’s simply a yogurt and not some awesome plastic free container that I don’t yet know about – heh).

    BTW the mushroom story is too funny. Or in Oliver’s case, sad. Awesome.

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